2017 Course Maps (2018 maps will be posted when the course is certified)

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There will be race day registration starting at 6:00 AM.  It will be located close to the finish line.  Start time is 7:30 AM for the half-marathon, 10K, and 5K.

Packet pickup will be available on Friday, March 23rd.  Location TBA. Pickup is also available race morning until 7:00am.

Here are the permission waivers that must be filled out and brought with you on the race day.

General Info

There is a 3.5 hour time limit that the course is closed and the aid stations are available. However, the we may open sections of the course to let vehicles cross when there are large gaps in the participants and it is deemed safe. Participants must maintain at least a 14 minute per mile pace to make the course deadline.

Double Down & All-In

The Double Down and All-In are additional race options for those participants looking for more of a challenge.  The Double Down consists of running the half marathon, then immediately turning around and running the 5k.  All-In participants will run the half marathon, then the 10k, then the 5k (a total of 22.4 miles). Finishers of the Double Down get both a half marathon and 5k finishers medal.  All-In finishers get all 3 medals.  All races must be completed within the 3.5 hour time limit.

When is packet pickup?

2018 packet pickup will be announced at a later date.  Pickup will be available the night before the race and also on race morning.  ID is not required and you may pick up another participants packet for them.

What is the average temperature during this time of year?

Well, the AVERAGE temperature is mid-60s. However, that average could easily include 80 degrees as well as 35 degrees!  The weather is just part of the fun.  Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! The 10-day forecast for 2015 showed sunny and 61 but race day had SNOW!  Runners are tough and can brave it all!

Is there a host hotel?

We have a block of rooms held with Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach. The discount code to use is “MARA”. Click the link above for go to the “Groups & Conferences” tab in their website and enter the code.

Are walkers allowed?

We do not have a separate category for walkers, but many people can walk the half and 10K. Walkers must be aware of the 3.5 hour time limit. A minimum pace of 14 minutes per mile must be maintained to make the course.

Where is the best place for family and friends to cheer?

There will be places along the route for spectators to park. We ask that there is NO parking on the shoulder of the road. We are keeping one lane of traffic open to allow for spectators to meet their runners at different locations along the route so we will need to utilize the shoulder to ensure maximum safety.

Is the course(s) hilly?

Lake of the Ozarks is hilly, so you will definitely encounter some hills! Train for hills once a week, and you will be running over those hills like you’re Rocky Balboa in a training montage!

Do you have a Gear Check area?

Gear check will be available at the start line on race morning. Bags will then be transferred to the finish line for pickup.

Can I wear headphones, push strollers or bring my dog?

The course is along open roads. Jogging strollers (no walking) will be allowed. Headphones are strongly discouraged for safety reasons. Animals are not allowed on the course unless they are assisting visually impaired participants.


There will be an awards ceremony to present awards to the top three in age groups as well as overall male and female of both races.  Awards will NOT be mailed. Time and location of the ceremony will be announced closer to race day.

Will there be a post-race awards celebration?

We are considering a formal event following the race.

Will there be a medical tent or other emergency plans in place?

Yes, medical and emergency personnel will be onsite.

What is the distance between aid stations?

The aid stations are approximately every 1- 2 miles. Precise location will be released in advance.

Is there a sports drink at the aid stations?

Yes, we have water and Tailwind Nutrition. No oral medication will be available on the course. Aid Stations will not be equipped with Tylenol, Advil, allergy medicine, etc.


There are designated parking lots at the top of the Bagnell Dam Strip.  Please arrive around 6:30 so we can get you parked and to the start line in plenty of time. We will have traffic directors to make parking smooth and quick!  Parking information and details will be available at Packet Pick-up as well. There will be only ONE way to enter onto Bagnell Dam Blvd so please plan accordingly for time. From the finish line, runners will be transported to the start line.